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Cooling down with SPRITE for the Summer!

What a busy summer! and Sprite-filled too! (Yes-like as in the soda brand)

This past summer, Taylor was chosen to be the only Female Brand Ambassador to represent & be the face for Sprite in their "ON THE CORNER" Summer Series in NYC. With a cool pop up bodega (fully decked out with SPRITE MERCH), Taylor helped work & greet every event that took place.

Sprite's mission was to uplift, inspire, and motivate the youth- helping to ignite that spark of ambition & "obey their thirst" by providing complimentary invite only themed events that included: Cooking shows with celebrity chefs (Eddie Huang-Wow!), Live performances (NAS headlined-WOW!), Fashion Q&A's, Photography Classes with the best (Jonathan Mannion-WOW!), Live Producer Studio Sessions (Wale & Manny Fresh-WOW!), and so much more.

Taylor not only got to network & meet so many different people from different avenues in the biz, but also got to "OBEY her thirst" by connecting with the youth, making it a very humbling, & satisfying summer experience.

Whoever said WORK has NO PLAY, lied :-)


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