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Home Sweet Home!

Taylor is officially back home in the States from her voyage journey overseas in ITALIA on the beautiful brand new HOLLAND AMERICA KONINGSDAM cruise ship! She had an absolute blast being able to be apart of the first cast to learn, install, tech, and SHOWCASE the OFF THE CHARTS production to the entire entertainment department, head executives, and chairmen of HOLLAND AMERICA LINE. Choreography & direction were by the wonderful Melanie Lewis & John Charron. Production by RWS & ASSOCIATES and BELINDA KING Productions.

VENICE & FLORENCE were the two beauties Taylor was able to explore & sightsee whenever not on ship, in the studio, or on stage. Two of her fav's from Italy are hands down the FOOD & ARCHITECTURE!! Absolutely MAGNIFICO!!

Taylor is beyond appreciative to have been apart of this unexpected yet fulfilling experience, and can't thank RWS & ASSOCIATES as well as your AMAZING CAST FAMILY enough for the opportunity!!!

Til we meet again ITALY!!

*OFF THE CHARTS show is currently up & running on the Koningsdam.

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