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Sheer Talent Nationals 2016!

Taylor had the pleasure of returning to the DANCE competition world, except this time, she was on the other side: The JUDGES TABLE!! Taylor was selected to be one of the TITLE JUDGES and TEACHERS this year at Sheer Talent's Nationals Competition at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut!

As Title Judge, she viewed & judged several hand selected finalist dancers during competitive solo routines as well as audition classes. As a title teacher, she instructed & choreographed master workshop classes for dancers of all ages, ranging from Small Wonders to Senior Teens.

Taylor loves the fact that she can give back all that she has learned throughout her performing career and pass it onto the next future generation of dance stars through competitions such as this. So much talent at this years Nationals! Special thanks to Alex for bringing her on board, the Sheer Talent Staff & Family, and all the wonderful Talent that participated this year!

*Fun Fact* = For those who do not know- "Nationals" in the competition industry, refers to: the FINALS or the Grand round up/end of the season for competitions! They are typically held during the summer (out of school season) and are usually at fun getaway locations such as Disney World, Vegas, various Resorts, and more!

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