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With a versatile set of skills, training, and experience, Taylor takes great pride in being able to provide a mulititude of artistic services.


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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

-Albert Einstein



Have Taylor perform at your next event or production! Whether it's freestyle, themed,  or choreographed, Taylor is able to perform all major dance styles & techniques at a variety of venues for any occasion. Need a company roster of performers? No problem! With Taylor's network, she can also gather other talented performers & entertainers in the biz to provide additional talent you may need! 


Taylor has experience teaching numerous dance classes to all ages from young toddlers to young adults at various dance studios & schools. Classes range from classical styles such as ballet to commercial such as street jazz/funk. Taylor is able to provide instruction for RECREATIONAL, MASTER, SUMMER and WORKSHOP classes. Private one on one coach sessions are available as well and are determined on a case by case basis. Taylor is also open for any last minute SUBBING your studio/school  may need and can fill in as a Guest Substitute teacher. Lastly, if your looking for a general movement coach, feel free to contact Taylor. She was trained on the physicality and anatomy of the body during her years at Fordham University and can help with general interest in movement. This is great for primary singers, actors, or anyone looking to dance better in their social/leisure life.

**CLICK HERE** to download Taylor's teaching resume!


Whether it be for a wedding, music video, or dance recital- Taylor is able to create choreographed routines & blocking tailored to your performance/event. As a dance teacher, Taylor is able to provide dance recital routines in various styles & techniques. She also has plenty experience choreographing dance competition pieces as well (solos, duets, & groups). 


With a strong dance competition background, Taylor is happy to sit on the "other side" of things and now judge at local, regional, or national dance competitions. As both a performer and teacher, she has the tools and knowledge that is neccessary to critique this generation of rising young stars.  Feel free to message Taylor in the NEED MORE section about judging at your next competition event in or out of town! 


Taylor has modeled for various dancewear & costume companies such as Capezio, Body Wrappers, and Glamour Costumes. She's been featured in several print ads, web catalogs, and more. Taylor is open to be a model stand in, athlete type, or dancer model whenever applicable. As a fitness enthusiast, she's happy to be of service for activewear & dancewear companies needing to showcase their wardrobe. See Taylor's PRINT photos in the VIEW MORE section.  


Taylor takes great pride in her strong organizational and time managment skills. Juggling the many hats she wears, it's one of her greatest assets. Taylor is able to be of service as an Event Coordinator to others in need. No matter how big or small the occasion, Taylor can help with the planning, organizing, and executing of your event, which include (but not limited to) sweet 16s, weddings, recitals, general parties, and more! Need help creating a line up for your event? How about a theme? No worries! With a minor in English-Writing, Taylor loves the creative engagment process, and will help to bring what your imagining in your mind, down on paper to reality!  


Like with this site, Taylor enjoys designing, editing, writing, and ALL THINGS involving the creation & design of a website! She knows how important a site can be for ANYONE, whether your a start up entrepreneur, seasoned actor, or a bride to be! No matter the case, Taylor's website services include: website design & detailed personalization and catered website coaching & counsel to your vision & needs.  Taylor has experience working with most of today's website self editorial/tutorial sites such as WIX, SQUARESPACE, WEEBLY, and MORE!

RATES do vary case by case, based on your website needs & demands. CONTACT Taylor for a FREE site consultation to get started!  


Some Websites that Taylor has been on board with: 








As a performer, Taylor thrives to connect & engage with audiences & consumers. Taylor has served as an ambassador and promotional model for numerous brands including: NIKE Jordan, Juicy Couture, BEATS by Dre, Yahoo, and more! She's even been selected as the personal female brand ambassador & face for SPRITE ON THE CORNER Series in NYC. For more info on Taylor's ambassador experience, contact her for a resume request. 


Taylor was fortunate enough to have mentors and inspiring people around her circle to keep her motivated & encouraged toward following her life's dreams. Having a great network is such an important essential to have. She hopes to be of value to the younger generation as a mentor or friend. Taylor is able to provide Q & A sessions, motivational talk workshops, and mentorship field trips to the general youth, but especially to aspiring young artists wanting to purse a career in show business.

Mentorship field trip packages are on a case by case basis depending on what your studio, school, or camp may need but some examples include: Going to a broadway showCollege VisitationsTaking a dance class in NYC, etc! If your interested in any of these Mentorship services, please contact Taylor directly in the NEED MORE tab. She's more than happy to be of help. 

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